Creative Writing pt 2

    I wipe my nose. Fucking allergies. The cold mountain air turns my snot thick on my hand. My pulse is racing so I breathe in gulps of thin air. At higher elevations, there is less oxygen, so I feel lightheaded. Absentmindedly, I roll the mucus into a little ball on my index finger and flick it away. Easier clean up that way. It all comes down to this. Pass or fail. I suck in another breath.

I guess I have just found my easiest place to tread water at. If I dont run at the ditch in front of me, I will never fail. If I turn back, my nose won’t be broken on the sheer rock face that is in front of me. My friends have already made the jump. They are just waiting for the fat kid to do it. My friends are cheering me on, knowing that I will hurt myself. Funny thing about friends who betray you. You hate them for doing exactly what you wanted to do, but you a different choice. Anger is awesome. Its the only emotion that can actually hang in the air. Love can do that too, but let’s face it, that always turns into anger too.

Creative Writing pt. 1

She spills into my apartment, and in with her the stink of whiskey and lack of eye contact. We know where this is going. "I almost died" she croaks, heavily trying to justify her reason for being here. I dutifully coax her shaking frame in to an easy chair and help her light a cigarette. She exhales smoke and looks at everything in the room but me.  "I started spinning out on the highway! I was so scared." Crown Royal will do that to you if you let it.
    "How are things?" I ask, changing the subject.
    "Bad.", she replies before she takes another long drag. "I don’t know what I am doing."
    "Still stripping?"
    "I was until last week, when some guy whipped his dick out when I was sitting next to him."
    Common tale. Strippers always need it to be someone else’s fault they aren’t making that money  anymore. Its disingenuous because they all know exactly what they are getting into. As if one day it suddenly occurs to them that they are taking their clothes off in front of desperate men whom have issues with intimacy. The girls tend to think that they have the power to get money from men who give them attention. The reality is that men are watching women be subservient for a price.
    "You are living with someone?"
    "Yeah…." She acts like I wouldn’t know. Cunt. "I really don’t know what I am doing."
    "What’s the issue?"
    "He has a kid. Two. Two kids." The Jim is clouding her thoughts, or she is trying to be dramatic. I am leaning toward the latter.
    "That is shocking. You hate that." Lying.

Economics through the lens of common sense.

It is odd to me that an election that has been so much about "change", "hope" and "new ideas", the discourse has been shockingly status quo.

McCain v. Obama at first seemed like it would be an issues election, with a gigantic chasm between the views of both candidates. Instead it more seems like the Senators have been more likely to sniff their respective party affiliations, turn to voters and parrot the same garbage that has been regurgitated since FDR.

McCain: "No matter what he says, he will raise taxes…"
Obama: "No matter what happened in 2000, he loves George Bush…"

I have always been for low taxes and small government, but when the ship is taking on water, it seems a bad idea to irrigate the bow. The Bush tax cuts would have been a fine idea if we didn’t go about war the way we did. We cut taxes, went to war, then served a defense department bukkake into the few companies that participated in the rebuilding efforts. Gigantic mistakes require backtracking, and there is no exception in this situation.

The only good news about McCain’s strategy is that it will never fucking work. This is just stupid.