Eric & Carson

You can just listen to the audio, but for those who want to get a little more context, I wrote this. It’s just some thoughts / confessions that 40 year old me would like to say about 20 year old me, who was apparently able to talk almost anything for 20 minutes at a time.

Show opening / Movie Review. This is a really good one. Audio messes up in the middle, but is fine after that.
Drilling for oil back when that was a thing. Oh, we are SO optimistic here.
Robert Chambers deserves no empathy, and the American system of justice is kinda dumb. Good stuff here. Just Carson and I going back and forth. In my opinion this was us at our best.
Evil Book.
Video game reviews.
Eric spends 10 minutes talking about politics because he’s always been like this. More or less bullies Carson into talking about politics. (I’m kind of being an ass on this one. Oooof.)
Marsh, for some reason, has a cup full of change.
Telemarketer gets angry at a guy. We talk about it.
The one where we talk about the Olympics
Do we have a new intern? Eric is confused. Ryan Shaw in for Carson.
Should teacher be armed? We talk about mass shootings back when they were rare.
Future of Flint?
Sex Education
Too Hot for Radio
Worst cover songs ever
Fun goes bad.
What a bad ass.
Worst cover songs ever pt. 2
What’s that smell?
Girlfriends and video games. Ryan Shaw in for Eric
Beware of Saginaw
Scooter’s Geography Quiz
Scooter’s Geography Quiz pt. 2
The band Ra screwed us over. They played at Z93 and stood up our listeners. We weren’t allowed to talk about about it, but we did anyway. I was pretty much waiting for someone to burst through the door and scream at me.
Flint is a violent place.
The Ultimate Revenge (Ryan Shaw in for Eric)
Wally the listener tries to get better at hitting on women. Ryan Shaw in for Carson. J-Holla makes an appearance and tries to help.
At work blow ups, discussed. (Ryan in for Eric)
At work blow ups pt. 2 (Ryan Shaw in for Eric)
Fines for sagging jeans.
Slap for Metallica Tickets
What to do when you see a naked woman.
Carson is out; Eric and Marsh talk about The Dark Knight
“Relationships with Ryan Shaw”
High School Musical 3!!!