Amen, Joe

Way to go Joe Schwartz, CEO of Cherry Creek Broadcasting. I like it. In today's Taylor on Radio (a fine publication which I recommend everyone look at), the CEO Cherry Creek Radio says that slashing rates never works: Giving away free stuff, and doing nonsensical promotions that drive audience away from your stations won't work […]

Worst Stock

Jim Gilles of the Motley Fool (I dont care if its successful. What a dumb name.) has picked a winner for worst stock of 2008. As if radio hasn't been kicked in the face enough…. For me, "worst" translates to "uncomfortably likely to go to zero." That's where I expect Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) […]

First Post

I have created this website for three reasons. 1. I seem to have a lot of thoughts about the radio industry in general, because it is spiraling into the toilet. There are things to discuss, news to examine and rumors to address. I will do that on these posts. 2. I have been out of […]