Why not another book review – Breakfast of Champions

In my senior year of high school, a phrase that no doubt signals the reader to the coming pretentiousness of the blog that follows, my English teacher handed me a dog eared paperback book with a red cover and plastic peeling off the corners. The pages were yellowed and smelled musty from several sweating hands […]

Another Excerpt from “Fall of the Citizens” by Eric Thomas

Here is an excerpt (not available on the site previews) from my book, "Fall of the Citizens" The moon hung enormous in thick blue twilight. The humid air heavy, as evidence of the rain that had passed. A lazy breeze blew and bent the long brown grass. It was still waking up from the winter […]

Excerpt from “Fall of the Citizens” by Eric Thomas

An excerpt from my new book, "Fall of the Citizens" available on all e-book devices.   A week later, Josh pulled his car into a parking spot across the street from the address Jack had given him. He turned the GPS off on his phone to save battery, pocketed it, and walked across the street […]