Not a game

The 2018 supplemental poverty measure found that Social Security benefits kept more than 27 million people out of poverty last year and that refundable tax credits did the same for almost 8 million people. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, known as food stamps, also kept an estimated three million people from becoming poor.


Buttigeig invoked the man upstairs: “’If you believe that God is watching’ as humanity spews pollutants, ‘what do you think God thinks of that?’ he asked. ‘This is less and less about the planet as an abstract thing and more about specific people suffering specific harm because of what we’re doing right now. At least […]

Bad faith

A senior policy advisor in the Labor Department has resigned after he got a lot of pressure from the media over an antisemitic remark on Facebook. He said he was being sarcastic. “It was sarcastic criticism of the alt-right’s conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic positions,” Olson said in an interview. He declined to respond to other […]

No safe space in the middle

I’m taking Constitutional Law 2 this semester. The first week covered equal protection. As an introduction to equal protection questions based on race, we were assigned the Dred Scott decision. I hadn’t read it before, which is kind of surprising because I’m such a Civil War psycho. The holding in the case struck me hard. […]