Stewart Lee got angry

Stewart Lee is a fantastic comedian in England. His immigration rant several years ago about UKIP was brilliant and prescient. His upcoming book is a collection of his columns leading up to and covering Brexit. The Guardian posted an excerpt:

“It is appropriate to describe Johnson with pure witless swearing, for that is all he deserves. He is of a political class where any insult, no matter how vicious, is acceptable, if it is delivered with the rhetorical flourishes and classical allusions of the public-school debating society. Hence, Cameron can scornfully sneer at Jeremy Corbyn and describe Dennis Skinner as a dinosaur, yet the venerable beast himself is dismissed from the house when he calls Cameron merely “dodgy”.
The problem for the pro-Europe voter currently is that while obviously despising Cameron as both a person and a politician, one nonetheless wants him to prevail over Johnson, Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and the Brexit camp.”

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