I’m not the only one troubled by the Walsh crusade. “In that sense, Mr. Walsh is a cautionary tale. We live in a time of acute bitterness and acrimony, where people’s first (and second and third) impulse is to brutalize, insult, embarrass and demean those who hold different views. The purpose of language, as they […]


She’s out. “Trump reacted to the news with sarcasm. ‘A sad day for the Democrats, Kirsten Gillibrand has dropped out of the Presidential Primary,’ Trump tweeted. ‘I’m glad they never found out that she was the one I was really afraid of!’” See what I mean? Trump is EXACTLY the same sense of humor as […]

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter.

Deutsche Bank has the Chosen One’s tax returns and loan documents. Deutsche Bank told a federal appeals court on Tuesday that it was in possession of some tax returns sought by congressional subpoenas issued earlier this year to President Trump, his family and his businesses.In a letter to the United States Court of Appeals for […]

The Grifters

The Chosen One’s campaign manager is living well: “On January 3, the day of his 43rd birthday, Parscale bought a $2.4 million canal-front mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Broward County real estate records show. The newly remodeled four-bedroom house came with steam and rain showers, enough solar panels to power the house off-the-grid and 95 […]