Social Security and Medicare cuts are class warfare.

The fiscal cliff wasn't solved. These clowns actually made it worse. Now congress is moving closer to cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits, in order to avoid a default on the nation's debt. I think that both left and right are concerned about the size of the national bill, but only House Republicans want to

sell the nation's poor and elderly down the river. 

There are plenty of good arguments for trimming the programs, because people are living longer. Medical science, while it has gotten more expensive, has done a lot to increase the number of poeple collecting benefits in the next couple of years. This fight has been going on for dozens of years now and there is no reason to think its ever going to stop. 

Can't anyone see that this is just the same class warfare garbage? House Republicans seem intent on turning this country into a Kafka nightmare, but in place of the government there are a few corporations in charge of everything. Health care premiums continue to get more expensive, so we should cut Medicare. There are going to be more seniors, so lets let them twist and die in the wind.

What's the strategy there? Maybe with more seniors on the street they can huddle together for comfort?

Republicans constantly wag their fingers at people engaged in class warfare, but they are the kings of it.


Eric Thomas is the author of Fall of the Citizens. Available on Amazon, iTunes and Nook.  

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