Liberal Logic

There is a new crop of right wing nonsense that has seeped into online discourse. You may have seen the term "liberal logic" emblazoned on some chart or meme or the like. These particular pieces of propaganda seem to follow the same theme: 

1. Make stuff up.

2. Making threats against the erected strawman you have just invented in your mind. 

3. Getting angry at the thing that you made up. 

Its utter nonsense. Here are some examples: 


I wonder if the person who wrote this put its creation on their timesheet. I assume this isn't for the people on unemployment insurance, because we tend to leave them alone. This is for the people who are on welfare. I don't understand why we still harangue welfare recipients when the biggest beneficiaries of govermnet money are large corporations. Many large corporations get tax credits in the billions in the same year that they outsource jobs overseas. We have been told for decades that "they must do that in order to compete". When are we finally going to put our foot down and say its not okay for companies to do that anymore? AND WHERE ARE THOSE CLEVER LITTLE MEMES? Why is it that we continue to focus our time and energy against people who don't affect our lives at all?

Liberal logic

This one is RIDICULOUS. At the end it says "Yes, they are that stupid". I have never EVER heard any liberal, ANYWHERE say the things in this meme. Its utter garbage. First, liberals tend to believe that taxes should be raised on BOTH PEOPLE. Second, aren't they playing their own game of class warfare here? Do they really believe that their jobs are done as some form of charity that the nice rich man has given to them out of his benevolence? Its NOT TRUE. The only dumb people in this transaction are the idiot who made it and the idiots who share / post it.  

If you see any examples of "Liberal Logic" please email them here:

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  1. Unfortunately, people find memes easier to understand than actually doing research. Even I fall into those tendencies, so I’m glad you pointed that out. Often, it’s as easy as googling something like “Obamacare” or “tax cuts” to get the whole story, but people only want to reinforce what they already believe.

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