Herman Cain is an arrogant idiot.

People are saying Herman Cain can't be president because he had a 13 year affair with a woman from Atlanta. 

I guess I take issue with the fact his foreign policy could be boiled down to alarmingly simple paragraphs on each country in the world. Literally.


Under President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt was a friend. With Mubarak shoved out by Arab Spring protests – with help from President Obama – Egypt could be a nightmare unfolding.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was determined to be a terrorist organization under Mubarak, is poised to pick up a sizable number of seats in Parliamentary elections.  Though in office too long, at least Mubarak maintained peace with Israel, which polls show 90% of Egyptians oppose.  Now we’re seeing the results, with cross-border attacks on Israeli civilians, the ransacking of Israel’s embassy in Cairo, opening up the border to a terrorist organization in Gaza, and open season on Coptic Christians, with churches being burned and mobs on killing sprees.

Egypt is an example of the pressing need for the clarity that Mr. Cain will bring to U.S. foreign policy.

This has to be one of the most fucking retarded things ever written. Cain's staff is about as deep as my dog's water dish. To boil roughly 400 years of history into "with us or against us" is lunacy.

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