Pandora Streams Into Nearly $1 Billion Valuation – Great Speculations – Buys, holds, and hopes – Forbes

Pandora is a leader in Internet radio in the United States. The company offers a form of radio that provides personalized experiences for each listener based on their feedback. via I will admit, the prospect of a new billion dollar competitor is a bit daunting for the over the air radio world. We, of […]

The Greatest Craigslist Room Rental Ad Ever – The Consumerist

Maximize your Craigslist profits by crafting copy that really stands out. Like this guy's rental listing that begins, "$500 HOLY CRAP! IS THAT A ROOM FOR RENT ON MY CRAIGSLIST??!?!?!?" and continues, "Do you want to be homeless? Then you better come check this room for rent out. It has WALLS and a CEILING. BLOCKS […]

President Obama to birthers: Here’s my long-form birth certificate, I’m a citizen

President Obama took his biggest swipe at the persistent birther movement Wednesday morning, offering up his actual birth certificate for all the world to see. via I am not sure how I feel about this. I am of the opinion he should have continued to ignore those idiots.