News : Day 2 of January PPMs: More all-Christmas stations cool down, but stay #1 |

half, from a Holiday-book 13.1  to a 5.9. But it too remains in the top spot, ahead of #2 classic hits KOOL-FM, 4.4-5.7.

San Diego AC KYXY likewise enjoyed an all-Christmas-powered holiday-book 9.7 share, and remains #1 in the January survey with a 6.2.

Denver AC KOSI saw the same pattern, dropping 11.6 to 6.4, but topping adult alternative KBCO (4.8-5.1).

But in St. Louis, AC KESZ drops 10.8 to 5.8, into fifth place. See those markets plus Washington, D.C., Boston, Detroit, Miami, Minneapolis, Tampa and Baltimore, at the Ratings page here on


So programming still works.Why make changes and shake up your audience when you can keep cutting back programming?

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