I don't have kids, and obviously that might make a difference. 

It seems like parents usually can get into pretty heated arguments over the state of teacher's union. A friend of mine recently got so animated several people on a busy city street actually turned around in reaction. 

The indictments seem to be: 

1. Unions lead to teachers being over privileged, but this is often by comparison. Such as "Why should I pay out the nose for MY coverage while they get a free ride."

2. There are many teachers that are bad and their job is protected by unions.

I am biased about labor unions because I am from the birthplace of the American labor movements. After that disclosure, I understand feeling hostile to (some) unions because strong unions can protect people who don't deserve it. But the part I don't understand is the second step. I understand "the unions  Download make people too comfortable." not the "So lets destroy unions."

Its clear that the best way for workers to be treated fairly is to bargain collectively. The reason why unions have been excessive and "gone too far" is because they can. This fucking idea that businesses and corporations are going to do right by their employees is total bullshit. Corporations often make TERRIBLE decisions. Businesses go belly up all the time. Horrible management had a lot to do why there have been these corporate bailouts in the past couple of years.

I have noticed something recently in the media. They rail against "wealth re-distribution". Ever noticed that the distribution of money is only bad if the workers are getting the money?

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