Old ENC Night Show Stuff.

How did this happen?

I haven't drank since New Year's. I am not sure why yet.. but I imagine i will come up with a rationalization eventually. The side effect of this new lifestyle is that I am getting around to a lot of projects that I have been "meaning to do" for years now. 

One of these is archiving a lot of the analog tape I keep moving around the country with me. I haven't owned a cassette deck in maybe 5 years, but I have kept these tapes (in Carson's old Dollar General bag). I finally started digitizing them, mostly because I need audio proof that I was a music jock at one point. I decided to post this stuff on the internet, even tho its kind of embarrassing. I still get email about once a week from an old E&C fan, and that makes me happy. We have all moved on to other things, but that show seems to encapsulate a moment in time for many people who liked it.

These date back to 2003. I was 24 years old, Carson was 25.

Download Early night show stuff

I might post more if there is enough interest…. 


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