Happy Birthday, Marsh! (He’s 21)

Happy Birthday to my old intern, Marsh! When he was on the old show, he was 19 years old. So he got wasted last night and left a message on my phone. Google Voice thought he said this: 

Hey. Hey Eric. Myer. I don't know if you remember what this is, but My name is Marshall Hey used to work for you. I don't read. Usually he did and plants. I you know afternoon. He did order A. I don't know if you're ever it if you know it wasn't like a big part of your life for your career anything anyway. It's my 21st, and I write a lot more than I, probably should have So I decided to call everyone and my phone and, I called you first. So, feel, happy, congratulated. Also I'm like, I don't know, anyway. Dude road. I'm 21 now and drunk. And we're at Taco Bell and I got to let you go. I will, see you at some point, hopefully the next ten years later bro. Ohh, Ohh.

Of course.. this isn't what he said.  Here is the actual voicemail he left me.

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