This is an unabashedly nerd post. (I love Ubuntu 10.4)

If you want to not see the nerdiness in this post.. please keep moving. Nothing to see here. 

But if your computer sucks and you have to get a new one, just read on for a second. 

So I finally got tired of using a computer that ran like shit. I decided to go buy a piece of shit windows pc from some guy on craiglist and try running linux on it… just to see if I could make it work. When I did that.. I knew there would be some learning curve. It was going to be hard, but I decided to try and make it work. 

Long story short: I have replaced my main computer with Ubuntu 10.4 and I have never looked back. Look, if you are one of those people who can shell out thousands for Apple, maybe that's the thing you want. But if you want a computer that works awesome and is absolutely free.. REALLY THINK ABOUT UBUNTU. 


Linux isn't just for code nerds any more. The new shit works REALLY well. All your drivers will work with it, (even nVidia which windows seems to ALWAYS have problems with) and it even will run your iPod. You will also be stunned at how fast and easy your PC is to use.. FOR FREE. No more Virus Software… firewalls ANY of that shit.  

I actually find it a lot easier to use than Windows or Mac. At least take a look 

Sorry for the nerdiness… but I am LOVING working on my online shit these days, and this is the reason. Hopefully you think about it. 

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