In Flint Again

Pretty cool to spend a week in Flint.

Had anyone told me I would say that a year ago I would have never spoken to them again.

But its true! The town is very welcoming and I am looking forward to spending some time here, of course throwing some Detroit in the mix as well. I rolled into town at 1:30PM, my Dad drove me for 10 hours after I had gotten off the 7p-3a shift at Metro Traffic.

A lot of people (hell, the national media) have made a lot of the urban blight here and brown zones. It is true, large areas persist that have been largely abandoned. But that is what you get when an area has been thru what this place has, It isnt "dirty" or "ugly", the town was set up for a lot of people to live here and there just isnt enough commerce to sustain that. If you had a million residents that were all working of course there would be enough resources to sustain an area of this size, but there just isnt,

what I forgot about Flint in the time I have been gone is how spread out it is, There is no centralized area to the city, so you will drive a half an hour between destinations, passing entire zones that have been abandonded. This isnt all bad, it seems a nice break from DC where you have ridiculous amounts of congestion existing on secondary roads. Here the people are spread out, and you could easily live your entire existance in Davison, Flushing or Grand Blanc and never once see battle the crush of humanity that you would in other large cities.

The trade off is there is little to do, but trust me even the residents of major cities complain of a lack of things to do. There is always SOMETHING to do everywhere, and the lack of doing that amounts to laziness.

Quit dogging yourself, Flint residents, it aint so bad. And FUCK A special place in hell is reserved for that cocksucker. I will spend a future post eating him  alive, point by point.

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