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  1. Rick Perry’s latest political ad says he “confronted Barack”…that’s why he’s standing at the foot of the plane stairs waiting to shake hands with the President! Perry doesn’t even have the common courtesy to refer to our President as such! I hope Perry does NOT get re-elected! Texas needs to get rid of this jerk! He is out for his OWN agenda…he could care less about the people of his State!

  2. I hate RiCK PERRY because he has to be the Stupidest man in America. I know you are not to use the word RETARD, but he is retarded in his appointments.
    I use to live in Texas before I moved back to the United States. I was envolved in a scam business deal. The person who scammed me acted as the Notary in the deal yeah he self Notarized his own papers. Sec of State is OK with that,
    Then I sued him and I stood vefore another Perry appointee The Dishonorable Jill Willis of the 429th DC in McKinney. The defendant lies about being a mere “stockholder” he owned 50% of the Company and he was also the VP. Found out later he and his wife gave Politcal Contributions to Greg Willis who was running for Collin County DA.
    Honestly does Rick Perry on;y appoint people based on the fact that they have to squat to pee?

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