Torture Debate part 2.

Obama knows he has the losing argument. But for all of this to go away, Dick Cheney has to shut his mouth. Dear God, the idiot is trying to talk his way into jail!!

You cannot arbitrarily change law at the executive level without informing the public or consulting congress. Well you can, but the key is not to come out and do 7 interviews reminding the public that you did this and they can go fuck themselves. Flipping off a public that was being lied to will never wind up well for the person who fucked up.

Do you think Bush was being honest here?

The United States executed Japanese soldiers for Waterboarding people on the grounds that it was torture. So were we wrong to execute them or torture the detainees. Waterboarding was used to illicit false confessions by the Khmer Rouge. Is that the fish we want to swim with?

I stand by my position that is best for this country to just move on and govern based on what the needs of the country are right now.

But for all the bellyaching on the right, just remember. This wouldn't even come up if Cheney would just shut his mouth.

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