The Torture Debate

So I have noticed that liberal blog sites and some cable news have started shrill excoriations of our Sister souljapresident because he "reversed" on a decision to release pictures of US personnel torturing detainees. Left wing blog sites are crying traitor, and David Ignatious is actually calling it a "Sister Soulja  moment".

The hack thing here to do is blame the media, but in this instance it actually works. Every time the word torture is brought up, television makes a banner that reads: "Torture? Does it work?" then brings some two dumbfucks on (usually Michael Christie and David Shrum) and they scream at each other, conceding nothing for 4 minutes. Its civics whittled down into soundbites and there are perfectly good arguments pro and con for the existance of constant coverage.

The Obama postion in is the right one: Move the hell on. It makes absolutely no sense to do this now. The country is underwater in economic sludge, still not entirely sure if we have gotten all of the cancer out of the pipes, two wars are still being waged, and our national debt is getting completely out of control. Obama knows all of these issues and is attempting to deal with them. Nancy "Bug Eye" Pelosi will never be able to get anything thru (the woman can't seem to concentrate on more than one thing at a time) if she is mired and trying to keep her ass out of jail for serving as enhanced technique cheer squad when they were dreaming the torture program up.

Obama wants to move on because he knows when he has a loser of an argument. He can't just come Obama-flopsweat out and say: "The torture thing is deep and everyone knew about it, so lots of people will wind up indicted if we start, and a lot of them are in office right now." It's a shit argument compared to "People who broke the law should go to jail.", so O is just trying to skip the debate, knowing the best thing for him to do is a losing hand in an argument. I will give this to our new president: He knows when he can't defent the indefensible. If the left wing of the blogosphere keeps this up, he will be powerless to stop them. They have the stronger guns in this fight.

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