Amen, Joe

Way to go Joe Schwartz, CEO of Cherry Creek Broadcasting. I like it.

In today's Taylor on Radio (a fine publication which I recommend everyone look at), the CEO Cherry Creek Radio says that slashing rates never works:

Giving away free stuff, and doing nonsensical promotions that drive
audience away from your stations won't work in this or any other
environment There's no doubt that we are in incredibly
challenging times and everyone thinks that they must do anything and
everything to get the business regardless of rate, as well as the
station's ability to deliver customers for their clients. It has always
been about selling the value of radio and teaching clients how to get
great results from strategic placement, buying the station(s) that
deliver your audience, creating great copy, and running your client’s
spot with a minimum frequency of 3.

The man running the most down home named radio company ever is abosoluetly right. FREE STUFF HAS NO VALUE. Its like the flyer that someone hands you on the way out of the concert. You drop it two steps later. If you think your product has no value, the client won't either.

This is the problem with having people who don't believe in radio running radio companies right now. They see what we do as inherently valueless. That's why my former company is actually doing the "Best Burger in the Mid-Michigan Area" contest (actual name). They have no ideas, no respect for listeners, and think that they are ripping off every client that gives them money. Its the perscription for death every time.

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