If you live in Flint, I highly recommend Taboon restaurant. Their menu is the usual suspects as far as middle eastern fairs, but two things set them far apart: fresh baked breads and salads. It’s awesome. Swing by some time.

Fuck the CNBC guy.

I hate this motherfucker. It was a pandering, stupid statement that was completely bereft of ANY sense of nuance or cogent analysis! Look, it’s easy as fuck to go on air and spout a knee jerk reaction. It’s pointless grandstanding, but the finger sucking crowd really responds to it. Americans gravitate to simple answers and […]

Hotel Plane

Someone has turned a 747 into a youth hostel. I stayed in a youth hostel a couple of times when I lived in Germany. It is like a hotel, but you are only renting a bunk on a bed with no room and you just have to deal with a shitload of people you don't […]