Palin’s fifth baby.

Holy shit: If Mrs Palin, a conservative mother of five, ever doubted that landing on a national presidential ticket would open her to the harshest of spotlights and smear tactics, she also awoke yesterday to utterly unfounded internet rumours that her fifth child, born in April with Down’s Syndrome, was actually her 17-year-old daughter’s. Its […]


I have been trying to figure out where I am on the Palin pick. The move first struck me as a stroke of genius, but I think I saw the cynicism threatening to break through the scab yesterday, and that was surprising. You have to worry when some people in the right start arguing backwards. […]

Sarah Palin

Okay, so I am an idiot. I believe Dan came up with this woman’s name when we were discussing Mac’s veep choices a month or so ago. Kudos to who called it, impressive shot in the dark! The move is an obvious attempt to woo women away from O. It would be sad if women […]