The Olympic distraction

Maybe it’s because I watch a lot of MSNBC, but there seems to be a lot of theorizing in the media that the candidates need to pick their VPs before the Olympics. The theory being Americans will be so focused on the games that no one will notice the election. Is this actually true? Does anyone care about the Olympics?

The last time I cared about the Olympics was in 96, and that made sense. The coverage was live, u didn’t get spoilers by walking past a newspaper, and a guy bombed them in order to make a point about abortion. Plus, cable sucked, so there wasn’t anything else on TV.
Can we agree that the Olympics has always been boring as shit? Guy runs, chick jumps, fuck the French judge, what an inspiring story this asshole who plays water polo has. I would rather watch a 24 hour people working out channel.
The last time the Olympics was interesting was checking the scores to see if you won a dumb bag of fucking fries. Fuck the Olympics.

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  1. Summer always sucks.
    Who in the hell threw the first shot put, and why? Further more – why air it? Are there really shot put followers out there? People who check the sports section daily for the latest standings? Funny -I’ve never seen em posted in the Journal. Winter’s not the greatest either, but at least there’s hockey.
    Oh, and let’s not forget curling. Hmmm I wonder how those off season stats look? Maybe I should check. I’m sure they’re posted somewhere, right?

  2. Eh, it’s kind of interesting just because the whole world is there. They should include some real sports though like football and baseball.
    The Olympics really are more fun when we have a real rival to make sure we beat like the USSR.

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