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Big Tumbrel supporter, Dan, is absolutely right.

Flip-flops?   Did you know that before this year, John McCain didn’t even closely resemble the Dubya wannabe that he is right now?  Hell, had he won the nomination in 2000, I may have even voted for him!

We’ve had 7 1/2 years of a president who refuses to change his position on anything, no matter what evidence is present and no matter what has changed.  If altering your position based on new information is a flip-flip, I’d be glad to vote for a flip-flopper. 

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  1. Sorry a bit late on this one. Let me start by saying I didnt say he wasnt getting my vote, nor did I try to trash him even slightly. I love the guy, cant wait till its debate time so he can shut the people up saying he can only put down a powerful speech reading off a tele prompter.
    All day long before E&C’s Show I listen to the likes of Bill O’Reily and Glen Beck. Both are interesting, however…thats about it. They dig for reasons to knock Obama. The biggest thing they can find is the few times he has changed his position. My point in the comment before. Thats all.

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